Dollar a Day

Dollar A Day - The Accent Way

You should understand the system before planning the installation. Presented here are the major features of the Simon system and how it is used under the Dollar A Day program:
  • Learn Mode Technology
  • 24 zones including 2 optional hardwire inputs
  • 6 user access codes (main plus 5 user codes)
  • Status Voice output
  • Two-Way voice
  • Light and appliance control using X-10 Lamp Modules
  • Pager notification
  • Door chime/Voice chime
  • Controls 8 individual lights through:
    • Individual Light Control
    • Scheduling
    • Sensor tripping
    • Entry and exit
  • Remote Phone Access

Dollar a Day - The Accent Way
Everyone deserves security they can count on. The solution is SimonTM. The Simon wireless security system is affordable, reliable and easy to use. Simon provides peace of mind for everyone. From basic burglary protection to sophisticated lighting control, Simon is flexible. It's the perfect companion.
Affordable in price, Simon is rich in protection features. The system has state-of-the-art controls and finely tuned sensors. That means reliability you can trust.
Simon knows about kids.ARM Doors and WindowsARM Motion SensorsDisarmSystem StatusSimon lights your way. Code 1-2Code 3-4Code 5-6Code7-8Code 9-0 Chime DoorsChime Special MotionLights Time ActivatedLights Sensor ActivatedSimon is sensitive. Emergency Simon keeps watch over you.

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Turn off your security protection by pressing the Code Buttons.

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ARM Doors & Windows

To activate protection for doors and windows, press the ARM doors & Windows button.

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ARM Motion Sensors

Press the ARM Motion Sensors button to activate all motion sensors. Use this feature when no one is at home.

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Press the DISARM button plus your specified access CODE buttons to turn off security protection for doors, windows and motion sensors.

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System Status

To hear information about your system, press the SYSTEM STATUS button. Press once to hear the system time, sensor status, and battery status. Press again to hear all program information.

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Chime Doors

Pressing the Chime Doors button causes the security system to chime when a protected door or window is opened.

Back to the panel

Chime Special Motion

To activate sensors to detect movement within a specific area, press the CHIME SPECIAL MOTION button.

Back to the panel

Lights Time Activated

The system will turn lights on and off at scheduled times when the LIGHTS TIME ACTIVATED button is pressed.

Back to the panel

Lights Sensor Activated

To allow the security system to control lights activated by other sensors, press the LIGHTS SENSOR ACTIVATED button.

Back to the panel

All Lights On/Off

To turn all lights on or off, press the Status button then the 9-0 button.

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Simon is Sensitive
Simon uses sensors to monitor your daily living environment.
  • Door and window sensors to detect unwanted intruders.
  • Indoor and outdoor motion sensors to sense movement within the home or outdoors, including decks and patio areas.
  • Lights can be turned on at scheduled times or when you walk into a room.
  • Smoke sensors to detect and report fire.
  • Additional environmental sensors such as carbon monoxide and freeze detection.
  • Optional listen-in and talk-back audio verification for communicating with the Central Station to verify or cancel an alarm.
  • Off-premise phone control for arming/disarming and checking system status when you're away.

Simon Keeps Watch Over You
When the system detects a problem, a message is transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station.
  • A window is forced open in the middle of the night.
  • A fire breaks out while you are sleeping.
  • An intruder is lurking around your patio furniture.
  • The furnace breaks down, sending deadly carbon monoxide gas through your home.
  • Your 11-year-oold is late coming home from school.
The monitoring station, staffed 24 hours daily by trained professionals, will dispatch the appropriate help immediately. Most importantly, your Simon system will sound a chime or alarm in your home, alerting you to the situation so you can act quickly and accordingly. Your monitored Simon system keeps a watchful eye while you're at home or away.

Simon Knows About Kids
More and more working parents are finding it necessary to have their children come home to an empty house. Having these "latchkey" kids home alone can be worrisome for parents. Simon is the perfect security solution.
For instance, when your children arrive home, they merely disarm the security system. If the system hasn't been disarmed by a programmed time, Simon will notify the central monitoring station.
While they are home, Simon will monitor the premises and warn them of potential dangers. In addition, the control panel can be programmed to call your office or pager, alerting you if they have not arrived home during the preset time.

Simon Lights Your Way
Experts agree well-lighted areas are a deterrent to crime. Simon can control your lights whether you're home or away. Schedule your lights to come on or go off, or use Simon to turn lights on as you enter a room. With Simon at your fingertips, there's no need to walk through dark rooms or hallways. Simon lights the way.
A Dollar a Day
For only a dollar a day, you can have a security system on three (3) doors, motion sensors, and the controller. Also covered are: installation, 24-hour monitoring, and full maintenance. Other items (such as windows) may be added.
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